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Raindrop Therapy

Raindrop technique incorporates essential oils, dispersed, one drop at a time along the spine in a specific order, then Vita-flexed out from the spine to the rest of the back 


Raindrop Technique uses the rolling and releasing motion of the fingertips on reflex points of the feet and the spine. This reflex points release an electrical charge through the body that travels along the nerve pathway until it meets a break in the path caused by damage of toxins.


Essential oils may stimulate the nerves and the re-growth of tissue. 

Just as our bodies benefit greatly from eating leaving greens and absorbing all of their very dark green color though photosynthesis, so also essential oils contain in them the vibration frequency  of plants. That vibration of the plant that remains in the oils- specifically the ones chosen for this Technique, may help bring the spinal back into alignment and detoxification, according to the energy of the recipient to resonate to the vibration of the plant.

The recipient will only resonate to the vibration of the plants that are for the highest good of his/her body and will not resonate to any vibration that does not serve the body for his/her betterment. 


The essential oils used are:























Raindrop aids the back to easily and effortlessly return to its structural and electrical alignment.

Spinal problems and misalignments which are caused by toxins that lie dormant within the spine are relieved by the application of these oils in combination of Raindrop Technique.

May also:

  • realigning the spine

  • reduces stress

  • relieves back pain and tension.


The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The above product/service is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any diseases or conditions.

The technique Vita-flex means “vitality through the reflexes.” Vita-flex enhances the benefits of the essential oils.

The Technique and oils synchronize to release the accumulation of many toxins or bacteria held deep within the body, while boosting the immune system.