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Classic Homeopathy

Homeopathy works by taking a diluted substance which in a healthy individual would produce that same set of symptomatology. Symptoms are the body’s effort to heal itself. The body naturally wants to heal itself. It is constantly reaching for a sense of homeostasis throughout all its organism.  When it cannot reach homeostasis, it results in the specified set of unique symptoms for each individual. The set of symptoms the body produces are a healthy effort to heal itself.

Homeopathy is made by diluting 1 part of substance to 99 parts liquid and vigorous shaken 100 times. This is the ‘first centesimal potency.’ Next this delusion is mixed again 1:99 (1 part substance to 99 part delusion) and shaken 100 times. This is said to be called ‘2nd centesimal potency.’ Next this substance that has been diluted, is diluted again 1 part to 1 part in a million, then 1 part in 1 hundred million and so on. Each time vigorously shaken 100 times.  The substance is so diluted that not one molecule of the original substance is left in the final dilution. 

Hahnemann, the original founder of homeopathy discovered that everything in nature has an inner life force that can be mobilized and accessed. Brownian motion shows that a substance can be reduced to its molecular state and isolate these molecules. We also know that an atom within itself has a tremendous amount of energy within. The repeated dilution and succussion (shaking) of the original substance releases a curative energy that is easily assimilated. 

This energy once in the body, travels throughout the different organs and body systems and will attempt to harmonize any particular part that is in disharmony and which is similar to its symptomatology. Thus when the remedy is similar to the symptomatology of the organism, the energy of the remedy will give the symptomatology a boost to achieve homeostasis! And thus, the symptoms finally subside and the person is now symptom free or otherwise known as healed, the absence of symptoms.