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Expansive Wellness

Food in its most natural form, Essential oils, Homeopathy and Quantum Touch, each serve multiple parts of the human form. The human form, also known as “bodies,” encompass the physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual.  Each can be directly helped by one of these modalities. But more often than none, these modalities all have an overlapping beneficial effect in each of these bodies.


Expansive wellness understands that the Human Body is a very complex multidimensional organism and that no one organism is a replica of the other. This is why I have specifically chosen to work with these set of modalities, to support you in your healing journey. Because you are a multidimensional individual, you need a multidimensional approach to your healing. The body needs to be supported in more than one way to raise and sustain its energy, while it naturally achieves homeostasis to heal.  

Expansive Wellness holds your healing process as your very own unique spiritual path, never forcing the organism to do or be anything other than the very best it can be now, at the present moment. At Expansive Wellness, your healing is a spiritual act, a sacred one. As we are not only matter, so also Expansive Wellness holds your healing process as a sacred act between your soul, your spirit and your conscious.


The syncronised alignment of these three resonate (communicate) the language of balance and wellbeing through vibration to the physical plane of your body. Thus health and well being, initiate from within your self!