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Welcome to this page. It has been a special life journey that has brought me to the work I’m now in. A brief and quick background about me is that I was born in Nicaragua, lived in El Salvador and Guatemala before coming to the state at the age of 10.  A decade later I moved to Washington and had two beutiful twin daughters. I spend many years home-making and homeschooling, they are now both in highschool. I explored different career paths throughout this time as well, such as: retail, teaching and even had my Real Estate license for a time. .

Meanwhile, one of my daughters was placed in the spectrum of autism and had several food intolerances as well. My education began personal and at home, self learned; before I got my official certificate in Nutrition. Just a few years before that I had mastitis from breastfeeding. My mastitis bacteria was misdiagnosed and I ended up undergoing three courses of antibiotics back to back. A few years later passed and I suffered through chronic depression and anxiety, much related to childhood PTSD. I have also struggled with food intolerance issues. I have personally experienced much relief and healing from the modalities offered at Expansive Wellness. 


I have chosen this path of work because it resonates with my soul. Human life is sacred, as THE Sacred lives in each one of us. It’s an honor to be in these bodies walking this earth and having this human experience. As such it is my passion to contribute to the regeneration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to health. Returning to Source, means to return to foundational ways of eating, of healing. Returning to Source means to embrace the natural elements that grow in our lands and use them appropriately to regenerate us from within. 


Returning to natural, unprocessed, gentle ways, that harness regeneration from within is returning to true self!

We can work well together if you believe that you are a complex multidimensional human being and that there is no one else on the planet like you. If you believe your body’s way to healing is specific to you. If you believe in the complexity of your body and that no one approach is the all in all. If you believe your body is sacred and are looking for the most gentle and effective way to wellness. 

Learning Path:

Certified Nutritional Practitioner (NTP)

Classic Homeopathy (IACH)

GAPS certified

Raindrop Therapy

Quantum Touch

Restart Program Licensed Instructor

Minister Of Walking Prayer